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Business Services

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Commercial Services

As Matsa is a trade co. which is focused on international business affairs, its range of commercial services would directly imply to its executive business process. This company has a wide network of customers around the world along with partners located in different countries and business process of company include all the sub-processes from initial market research followed by detailed market study, design, labeling and development of a customized product for destination market, marketing, sale, transportation and customs affairs, delivery, distribution and price management in destination market, product promotion and advertisement and product life cycle management. Thus regarding F & EPC Business capabilities besides to gain achievements for its clients and customers, along with its own beneficiary, this company is ready to establish all types of new commercial cooperation which requires professional systematic interactions.

Market Research

Matsa provides applied market research services to different companies in order to improve and expand domestic and foreign markets.
These services include issues on marketing and selling such as:
1- Market analysis researches (including market division, target market selection in order to concentrate on activities and provide relevant strategies to select target market, determination of position in the market, demand estimation and forecasting)
2- Selling products on the market
3- Competitors analysis
4- Customers analysis researches
5- Environmental analysis researches
6- Researches related to products
7- Pricing researches
8- Selling and distribution researches
9- Promotion and advertising researches
10- Consumer behavior researches
11- Brand evaluation

Consultant Services

In order to provide services and give appropriate assistance to the customers, Matsa is ready to provide professional consulting services in commercial fields including export and import, marketing and sale, distribution, advertising and branding.

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